DIY Conveyancing

Conveyancing has long been the domain of solicitors or Licensed Conveyancers, however, with the advancement of registration of title, there is now much more scope for the home owner to handle a sale themselves.

If you are contemplating this though, you must remember that although you will be able to save yourself money you must be prepared to put in your own time in writing letters and making telephone calls.

Very briefly the process that you will need to adopt will be:

  • obtain official copies of your deeds from HM Land Registry.
  • prepare a contract based on the information in the Official Copies.
  • complete a Sellers Property Information Form.
  • complete a Fixtures and Fittings list.
  • submit all the various forms you have prepared to the buyers conveyancers.
  • wait whilst the buyers and their conveyancers conduct their searches, carry out any required survey and obtain a mortgage offer (if needed).
  • answer any questions that may be raised by the buyers conveyancers.
  • exchange contracts.
  • receive from the buyers conveyancers a draft transfer. Check and approve this.
  • obtain a settlement figure on your mortgage (if any).
  • complete the sale and discharge the mortgage (if any).

You can download our pack which will contain:

  • details of how to obtain Official Copies
  • sellers Property Information Form
  • fixtures and Fittings List
  • a template Contract
  • completion Information Form
  • some suggested letters
  • a more detailed practical guide on what you should be doing at each stage

The pack is suitable if you are selling the whole of freehold land in a registered title. It is not suitable for the following:

  • sale of part
  • unregistered titles
  • leaseholds
  • unusual or complex titles

Warning - carrying out conveyancing yourself necessarily means that you are doing so without the benefit of legal advice. The documents and information we supply are in a general form and we can give no assurance that they will be suitable for any individual case. They should not be construed in any way as legal advice. It is your responsibly to ensure that they are suitable for your circumstance.  If you have any doubts you should consult a solicitor or other suitably qualified legal advisor.

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